Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Conundrum

Another dreary day here in Ottawa. All this rain gives me the notion that it will be a snowy winter. It figures though, we were definitely spoiled last year... I think there were all of three times we recieved substantial snow.
Anyhoo, last night I had a blast shopping with my step mum and cousin Teresa. We went into a couple of stores I'd never ventured into and I purchased a few shirts, but nothing too crazy. My step mum ended up getting the most fabulous suede ankle boots though. Kinda jealous.
This wasn't worn yesterday, but a few days ago.

button down - YDE (spring 2010)
skirt - Mavi (2004)
belt - Thrifted (??)
wedges - Aldo "Mignona" (bday 2010)

This cold weather has me fantasizing about my own new winter boots. I ADORE BOOTS! If you've been following me since last winter, you know I have quite the collection (SO necessary in Canada!), so this winter I've decided I should only be allowed to buy ONE pair... at least only one pair before 2011 :) I don't own either a decent pair of ankle boots (the Dior's don't count as their wearability is minimal, unfortunately, and the other pair was given to me for free), or a pair of over the knee boots... and since OTK's are a little racy for the office, I've settled on ankle boots.... but now to choose!!!

A tough decision, right? So I obviously need your help!


  1. I voted for MERCKLING but I rather like the SANDIDGE too. But the second one is a bit trendier than the first.

    I love wedges, especially the pair you're wearing above. So cute! I'm jealous of everyone already getting cooler weather. I love the plaid.

  2. Eeeek!! I'm so indecisive and am totally the wrong person to ask. But, I'm crazy about the Merckling, the Sandidge and the Lecaros. So I've cut it in half at least right? Good luck love. You really can't go wrong with any of them. xx

  3. I actually just ordered the Phiinmena online...I tried them on when I was in Toronto tho, so I know I love them...and I have a fabulous DIY idea for them...which you will see at this link ...the base of the shoes are pretty much the same, so I can add some removeable faux fur I've got 2 in 1

  4. I love this look! The swingy skirt is fantastic with the bright plaid, and your red lip color is the perfect touch. One of my favorites of yours!


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