Friday, September 17, 2010

Girly Men's Wear

This outfit was worn last weekend to do some shopping with my mom. The weather in Ottawa definitely can't make up its mind. It varies from 8C to 28C, which has kind of been making getting dressed a pain in the butt. This was one of those days which was unbearably hot, so the jeans ended up being a bad choice, but oh well. Had I known I definitely would have pulled out some summer favorites, but I'm kind of glad I got to wear this men's shirt I thrifted again. The cinched waist definitely feminizes it, and I like the contrast.

men's shirt - Banana Republic (thrifted 2009)
belt - thrifted (??)
jeans - Smart Set (summer 2010)
heels - Spring (summer 2010)
bag - Aldo (summer 2010)


  1. You look great! I love men's shirts! I have my own stash of em! Nice heels too! Have a greatday!


  2. Great outfit! I love men's shirts. Actually just raided my dad's closet :)
    PS-I'm giving away $200 to! Come Enter now! Ends today!

  3. I love this look on you. I'm kind of obsessed with men's shirts. One of my favorite past times is raiding my boyfriend's closet! I agree that the belt feminizes the look and gives it a nice boy-meets-girl quality. Have a great weekend lovely! xx

  4. Fabulous! i have a couple of men's shirts that don't belong to the hubs. I usually only wear them around the house though.

  5. Love it! Looks easy and comfy, yet pulled together! A win!

  6. Now, this - I love! Classic and just beautiful!



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