Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting ReOrganized!

Last weekend, while I was packing to head out of town for the long weekend, my walk-in closet collapsed on my head.
While no bodies or shoes were injured, it left me pretty upset - who knew I had so many clothes that the weight of them would cause such a disaster?

my poor closet half-way through the clean out. Notice the bar on the floor? :(

So after reinforcing the structure of the closet, I thought it was time to purge & reorganize. 
The result?
 While it looks like a jumble, I assure you, it's organized!
  1. I folded all my sweaters, pants, and tank tops, and put them on the top shelf. I divided them up with very inexpensive shelf dividers from Storage Solutions.
  2. All my large bags were also put on the top shelf, and the same dividers were used to make them stand upright.
  3. Tall boots also made their way to the top shelf, and rolled up magazines were used to help them keep their shape. 
  4. Belts, scarves (which used to be shoved in a drawer!), and smaller bags, are now all hanging where I can see them for easy access. I was so surprised how many different types of hangers you can get, and all for only a few bucks!
  5. The left side hold all my tops, coats, and layering pieces organized by type and weight. I'm not the type of person who has a "summer" and "winter" wardrobe to swap out... although maybe I should be?
  6. The right side holds dresses and skirts. I'm sure I'll be sharing this space with the bf soon, so I need an alternate solution, or to downsize more..... hmmm....
  7. My pride and joy! Haha, I love my shoe collection, and I love that it's all on display now. all together, these four shelves cost me $20 at Home Depot. They were super easy to put up too!
  8. I know I'm gonna get a lot of flack for this one - but all my flats are now in a convenient basket. I can grab and go, and not worry about them taking up ridiculous amounts of space.
 I couldn't resist showcasing a close-up of my babies :)

So tell me, how do you keep your closet organized?


  1. Mine is currently a joke! I have my closet (not a walk in), shelves in my living room of "shop my closet", a wardrobe rack in the laundry room for my newly clean clothes, bins in the laundry room for my "out of season" clothes, and a shoe rack and wardrobe rack in my room corner with free swag and pre-styled looks. It's kinda organized. Mostly I need a bigger house! ;) Looks good!!

  2. Reenforcing closets is the first thing my dad does in a new house! Since I have to share my tiny closet, the key is to stay very organized! :) Wish I had a closet as nice as yours!!

  3. It's always smart to organize our closets. I often forget what I have unless it's somewhere that reminds me.

    Sorry it took a collapse to prompt you to do this, but you'll enjoy the ease and beauty of the organization for a long time.

  4. ooh I love your shoe closet! your closet is a lot more organized than mine!

  5. at least I know im not the only one with sooo many shoes :) i hope you will follow my blog :)


  6. This looks like my idea of perfection, so nicely organised! x

  7. I am still working on ideas on how to organize my space.
    Happens the problem is I have too much stuff. I am always trying to downsize but it does not seem to work.
    My biggest issue is for storing bags.....


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