Thursday, September 2, 2010

Corporate Cardi

I think I may be coming down with something :( I have he chills and my body is super tired and achey. It's not a good thing considering its the beginning of the month and my work load is INSANE, but sometimes its better to take a half day to yourself to recouperate than to struggle for the rest of the week! On the bright side, I get to catch up on my blog reading :)

These pictures are from earlier in the week, hence the non-death look.

cardigan - Urban Behavior (Sum. 2010, $13)
tee - Urban Behavior (Spring 2010)
skirt - Smart Set (Sum. 2010)
belt - Vintage (formerly my great aunt's mine since Sum. 2010)
necklace - Vintage (formerly Gma's mine since Sum. 2009)
flats - Steve Madden (Fall 2009)


  1. You look every bit a lady! I love the colour of the cardigan and the detail on the tee. Feel better lovely!! xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I really like your top!

    Following ya! You can be my 36th follower :)

  3. LOVE this outfit! I just got a high waisted pencil skirt from Marshalls and this gives me lots of ideas.

  4. Great outfit1Love the pink bag in the back:)))
    follow me if u like

  5. Hi Melrose,

    I have serious cardi envy. I am after collecting all sorts of cardigans this winter and would love something in that min bluish green shade.

    Love from Toronto

    P.S: Have you entered my giveaway yet. It's my first ever. Please do take a look at the blog and enter. :)

  6. Feel better soon! Get lots of rest and drink water!

  7. I love the way you list items, circa and price. I find that thoughtful and very useful.

    Get well soon hun!



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