Friday, September 10, 2010

Hair Rut.

I can't seem to stop yawning today! I'm being such a lazy girl... If only work had a napping area. What a great way to spend a lunch break! Maybe I should start a petition... hmmm.

Anyhoo, I appear to be in a hair rut. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the last hair cut I got. Finding a new stylist sucks after going to someone who knows what your hair can and can't do forever. If I don't end up going to Montreal this weekend with J (as is the plan.. but who knows with his work schedule!) I may find a random spa and take another stab at a perm as I previously mentionned. I mean... how hard is it to screw that up? It just kind of flounces around when it's done.... and it sure beats braiding wet hair a couple nights a week.

lace tee - Suzy Shier (Sum. 2010)
belt - thrifted (2009)
drapey thingie - Winners (Spring 2010)
pants - Gap (Sum. 2010)
nude heels - Aldo (Sum. 2010)

Anyone know of any good salons in Ottawa?


  1. Your lace tee is gorgeous!! I know exactly how hard it is to find a new stylist after having one forever. I also know how it feels to get a haircut you just can't work with.

    When I was twelve my hairdresser went on maternity leave and I ended up with one who couldn't get my hair even on both sides. SO she kept cutting and cutting until my middle of my back hair was level with my chin! The Miss Universe pageant was on that night and I sat there crying as they all paraded around with their long, luscious locks ha!! It sounds funny now but at the time it was anything but.

    Good luck in your stylist hunt and have fun in Montreal if you go! xx

  2. Your lace top is truly gorgeous. :) Wish I could rock lace as prettily as you do.

    Happy weekend.

    P.S: Unfortunately I do not know of any good ones in Ottawa, where I've never been, but if you ever happen to need one in Toronto, let me know. :)

  3. I love the long lines in this look. The wide pants are fabulous!

  4. I like this outfit ....
    I am laughing because you wished you had a place to nap at work.
    A few years back I worked in a place that HAD A BED in the ladies room.
    Yes, we use to nap there.


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