Monday, September 20, 2010

Knee Boots to the Office... a Faut Pas?

So I'm not entirely sure how appropriate this outfit is. I couldn't help but whip out the winter boots last week when it was rainy and cold, and these are by far my favorites, but are they a little too sexy for the office? I tried to keep it demure on top to balance it out, but I'm not entirely sure how else to wear these knee high boots. To me they don't look quite right under dress pants, for those I much prefer a heel. What's your verdict?

cardigan - Zara (gift, bday 2010)
sweater - BCBG (summer 2008)
black skinnies - Gap (summer 2010)
boots - Franco Sarto (winter 2009)

I'll be back later with my weekly money check-up!


  1. I like the boots. I like the outfit.
    I would have liked to see them under the skinnies (even though you said they did not look well).
    I am not sure if it would be work appropiate... but it does look good !

  2. I like the boots and I like the outfit, but I think for the office the boots should be a darker color. When I see white boots and I think of Wonder Woman and that in turn equals sex appeal. Nice look though!

  3. I love the outfit though I agree, white may not be office-appropriate for some people though I'd wear it, so rock on!

    Love that cardi, I've always wanted a mustard-coloured one, do you think its still available?



  4. I think it looks alright. It's a balanced outfit. I think the white color blocking makes it appropriate and darker boots wouldn't have "gone" as well. That said, I'd keep the white boots to a minimum but still rock them on occasion to the office.

  5. I think this look is Great ! Very Cute for the office.


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