Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy, Busy!

I'm finally swamped at work and it feels amazing! I actually get to use the accounting I went to school for and am being CHALLENGED! It's quite wonderful. The morning flew by, and I'm sure I will be able to say the same for the afternoon. Yes, this is because the books are a mess, but I do love a puzzle!

Anyways, I'm almost caught up with my outfit posts! These were worn last Friday and Saturday.
We get to go casual and wear jeans to the office on Friday's (yay!) and a good jean deserves some plaid.
Saturday I went to the zoo, so my outfit was based on comfort and not getting muddy.

plaid shirt - Smart Set (summer 2010)
belt - Smart Set (summer 2010)
skinny jeans - Smart Set (summer 2010)
heels - Spring (summer 2010)

knit vest - Dynamite (spring 2009)
tee - Made by Me (summer 2010)
bf jeans - Guess (summer 2010)
sneakers - Converse (summer 2008)

I don't know what's wrong with the color in this last pic... I guess if I'm not taking outfit photos at 7 in the morning I have no idea what camera settings to use!

Hope everyone's having a good week so far! Looking forward to some Cougar Town tonight!


  1. Love both looks!

    When I was working and taking pics at 7am I always looked dead tired and washed out. It's such an awkward time of day :)

  2. i wish i had seen the glee premiere! my boyfriend and i have just been playing catchup through netflix because we don't have cable (or tv of any kind...), but hopefully we'll be able to keep up online once we're done with season 1!

    glad to hear you're enjoying your job and feeling challenged--that's more than i (and most people) can say!

  3. I love the casual look! The chucks are super cute!

  4. Enjoying work is more than most people can say for themselves so I'm glad to read that you are! I haven't been to the Zoo in so long! I'm liking your casual look in the last photo.

  5. oh I love the cropped pants with the vest in the 2nd outfit! that's really nice. and it's really good to meet another ottawa blogger :D

  6. I love both photos but especially your dark wash jeans in the first photo. They look absolutely perfect and I really wish I could get a pair of denim to do that to my legs. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  7. Cute outfits.. I am getting some good ideas from you!! Skinny jeans sure look good on you! Lucky bum :)
    cheerio from Victoria...


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