Monday, December 7, 2009

stop the madness!

I've been awful, I know. This last week has been crazy ridiculous. If I wasn't finishing one of a million papers, I was running around like a crazy person getting things ready for our fundraiser. I love my Circle K crew! We did SUCH a good job for a first major event, and considering there were 4 other events Friday night on campus, we had an awesome turnout and raised nearly $500 for Friends of Honduran Children! I guess it helps that our town is so devoted to this cause!
And now a few random pictures....This is becoming my trademark pose in random pictures i think...

Out front of the theatre...

Most of our crew^ (Thats the boy in the back corner and the bestie sitting to my left!)

And after a hectic week, I went home to Ottawa for an exam, and came home less than 24 hours later to the tree you will see in the next few pictures totally void of all decorations. Damn you Milo.
And Now onto some outfits I guess!
Worn Wed, Dec. 2

Scarf - Great Aunt's
Tee - dynamite
belt - dynamite
skirt - Mavi (ages ago, altered by me)
tights - ardene
boots - Best Friend's GMa's hand-me-down

Yep thats right, those boots are ancient! But so super cute.... it true, everything old is new again.
Worn Tues, Dec. 1st

blazer - Ricki's
cowl neck sweater - BCBG
jeans - Parasuco for Smart Set
heels - BCBG Paris

And for next time.... I'll try to get better at this, I promise!

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