Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As if January is almost over....

I feel like every second post I'm apologizing for not updating more often. Lets just skip this from now on, and all be comfortable with the fact that I have a short attention span and update when it tickles my fancy.... which is at least on a weekly basis. I'm cool with it. Hopefully none of you leave me!

Anyhoo, this week's been slightly nuts. Final exams, papers due, Circle K, books to read, skirts to sew, and a Haiti fundraiser to plan for. I'm exhausted just thinking of it all and everything else I need to accomplish before the end of the week.
You'll probably end up hearing a lot more about the fundraiser as well... it is definitely the project that I will be having the most fun with this semester.

So here's the week so far:

Worn Mon, Jan. 25th:
scarf - Suzy Shier
cardigan - Smart Set
sweater dress - Charlotte Russe
cowboy boots - thrifted @ Sympathy for the Rebel

It was actually a couple degrees out (around 40 Fahrenheit) so I thought I'd brave a skirt. And I couldn't wait to wear these boots after thrifting them for $15 at Sympathy for the Rebel.

Worn Tues, Jan. 26th:

chiffon blouse - Dynamite
chandelier necklace - Smart Set
high waisted jeans - Dynamite
mary janes - Spring

Very simple, very minimalistic, but I like it a lot actually. And I really didn't think I would like the high neck as I kinda have big boobies and it usually only makes me look bigger on top, but the black does a good job of disguising it.

Worn Wed, Jan. 27th:
argyle sweater - Dynamite
jeans - F21
boots - Franco Sarto
gold & jade ring - Nonna's (GMa!)
leaf necklace - random "jewelry lot" off ebay

Haha, also, did anyone see American Idol last night? I was convinced Katy and Avril were in competition to see who could be the most awkward and abrasive. Don't get me wrong.. love the music... but seriously ladies? How rude.
OH! And was that Daniel Franco (Project Runway Seasons 1 and 2) saying he looks like the spawn of Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle?? Odd.

And now I shall leave you with this deliciousness that I will be stuffing my face with later tonight:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

6th folder, 6th photo

I finally got my camera back! Yaaaaay!
.. I may or may not have lost it while i was dancing up a storm at the bar last weekend.... thank goodness for good people. My love goes out to Rob who saved not only my camera, but me that night too.
Anyhoo, before I take some pics for today and head out to class I thought I would take part in this random "6th folder, 6th photo" thing. Tiffany over at I'm a Shoe Whore introduced me to the idea.. and honestly, browsing through old pics you haven't seen in years is awesome!

So here goes:

we may or may not have been slightly intoxicated.... and I can't really say i remember that girl on the far left of the photo.... Felicia? lol. I was never good with names...
the date on this photo is Feb. 13th, 2008. my goodness how people change in 2 years... and i kinda miss my bangs.

So now its your turn!
The rules are super simple: Go into your Pictures folder, count the 6th folder in and from there, the 6th pic in that folder. Can't wait to see what turns up!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Updating does not involve leaving bed :)

I have had a ROUGH few days. My body does NOT like me much, and I've basically spent the last 48 hours under the blankets. Go team me. Here's to hoping I feel better soon...

Worn Tues, Jan. 12th:

earrings - Le Chateau
gold dolman top - Dynamite
belt - Dynamite
bracelet - Bitten
boots - BCBG
bag - Aldo

Worn Wed, Jan 13th:

sweater - Charlotte Russe
gold & jade ring - GMa's
skirt - BCBG
tights - Ardene
mary janes - Spring (gift from Dad & Bren)

Worn Thurs, Jan. 14th:
vest - Dynamite
long sleeved tee - F21
cut off jeans - Bluenotes
(but cut by me... and slightly uneven lol)
tights & socks - Ardene
boots - thrifted

This is my attempt at the shorts and tights thing. I'm totally trying to channel Marie at Second Skin, she does this look so freaking well!
My version turned out ALRIGHT in my opinion, but i didn't do the best cut-job. I also need to invest in wool tights. I doubled up, but its still a bit chilly for Canadian winters!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pants on the Ground!

If you haven't seen it... you must. Haha he nails my pet peeve regarding men's fashion, "pants on the ground", right on the head!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Something to do with My Free Time

First day back to class and I'm already done with the whole school scene. Not a good sign, haha.

Worn Mon, Jan. 11th:

cardigan - H&M
dolman top - F21
belt - Spring
pants - Miley/Max
boots - thrifted @ Just Like New

Yesterday I headed downtown to run a few errands and ended up at Chapters. Damn I love book stores. I know the selection online is better, and usually cheaper, but there's just something about browsing through crisp new books with a hot coffee that makes me all happy inside.

Anyways, in my browsing I found the most wonderful book and snatched it up right away.
Twinkle Sews is by designer Wenlan Chia of the line Twinkle by Wenlan, and actually shows you (complete with patterns) how to create some of her simpler designs and this season's trends.

She includes some awesome intricate features as well such as pleating, origami folds and pin-tucking, which is great to introduce design elements to beginners.
As someone who is definitely not a professional (never had a class), but loves to sew in her spare time, I'm recommending this book to everyone I know.
I'll be sure to share with you my future projects!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Shame!

I have been a most terrible blogger. Feel free to throw things at me. lol

Anyhoo, here are a few random outfits and a rant about Launch My Line:

Worn Fri, Jan. 8th:

cardi - BCBGeneration
tee- Dynamite
jeans - F21
leg warmers - Ardene
boots - Lime Light

I loveee this tee and have worn it far too many times since xmas. It's just so comfy! And who doesn't love looking like a rockstar?

Worn Sun, Jan. 10th:

knit boyfriend vest - Dynamite
long sleeved tee - F21
pants - H&M
booties - Aldo

So I don't know if anyone else has been watching Bravo's Project Runway replacement, Launch My Line, but it's pretty entertaining. It consists of individuals with no previous design or sewing experience who are competing each week with an experienced designer on their team to launch their own clothing line.
While I'm not a fan of handing a line to people who haven't been struggling to make it in the industry their whole lives, there are several things i do love - like the fact that every piece has to be part of the final collection, the fact that duh, its about fashion, and of course the hosts/judges Dan and Dean, the designers of Dsquared.
My rant?? Your 2 minute feature of Lady Gaga in the most recent episode?? unsatisfactory! scant! deficient! When Project Runway has a guest, their guest is involved in overseeing the project from conception to creation... she was absent. And i was incredibly disappointed as it was that brief clip in the show's promotions that have kept me watching to this point.
Bravo, I am not impressed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010!

This year I resolve to...
  1. Take more pictures. And not just of outfits, of LIFE!
  2. Only buy clothes that I really, truly love, not just because its an awesome price.
  3. Be healthier. I was gifted a wii fit, and I'm going to use it! I'm not in any way saying i need to lose weight. If anything, I need to gain a few pounds of muscle! ...and i guess a little less fast food wouldn't hurt either.

Worn Thurs, Dec. 31st:

top - Dynamite
belt - Great Aunt's
skirt - H&M
socks- Ardene
shoes - Spring (gift from dad & bren!)

Oh and just because I think they're my greatest thrifting find of 2009:

That's Right.
Bask in their Glory.

We'll have to wait and see how - and if - I end up rocking these, but they were too awesome to pass up!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year <3