Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tonight, I'm Cleaning Out My Closet

So I kind of think I have a slight shopping addiction. Last night (in a moment my type A personality decided to shine) I started categorizing and creating a list of all the items in my closet that I wear on a regular basis with details on where the item's from, its cost, and when it was purchased. While I do have quite a few items that are older that are still well loved (mostly structured pieces like blazers, vests, & pants and good quality knits) I realized that #1, I have a lot of crap, and #2, I have a lot of RECENTLY PURCHASED crap. The list of Summer 2010 purchases was ridiculously long. I half attribute this to the fact that I'm out of school and making money, so I feel that I can spend more on myself, but mostly it's my inability to avoid a deal.

What I did notice however, is that my well loved pieces that have lasted through the years were rarely ever impulse buys, sale items, or trendy pieces. This has really made me rethink my shopping strategies. I've decided that in order for me to buy something new it has to be somethign that I've wanted for a while, is well made, and goes with my relatively classic style. Sure, I'll still end up with a few impulsive trendy items, but I won't purchase anything I feel that I will grow out of style wise unless it's a good price.

top - Old Navy (Sum. 2010 $9)
skirt - Dynamite (Sum. 2010 $15)
beads - Dynamite (Wint. 2008)
wedges - Chinese Laundry (Sum. 2010 $50)


  1. I think I'm in a similar boat as you....although almost all my purchases are super cheap I now make myself think of outfit possibilities before I make a purchase to make sure that it will work with a few things I already own...and then I think to myself about whether I like it for ME or if it's because I liked it on someone else with a comepletely different style as my own. I think that with Fashion blogging it makes you open to more styles and more pieces you would otherwise overlook...but the biggest thing is to be true to your style and not try to conform to the popular bloggers. Well that's what I've noticed with myself anyways.

  2. I'm definitely going through the same thing. I've given tons to donations and really streamlined my closet as much as possible. I only keep what versatile and things that I really love and that flatters me.

    I still own way too many shoes, but at this point I've decided that we all collect something. And I just happen to collect shoes.

    I love your black skirt. The shape is fantastic and the shine of the material gives it a little something special. It's not your run of the mill black skirt.

  3. I had a similar feeling this summer. I realized I had way to much crap. I ended up cleaning out my closet (mind you it took all summer to do so) and it felt so much better. Sometimes you just need to get rid of things!

    I also love this look you have here. Great pop of color to go with a very cute skirt.

  4. Just found your blog and I love it! Great post! I've had to rethink my shopping strategies as well. Very chic look your rocking btw!

    Stop by my blog is you have a moment. If you wanna exchange links or follows lemme know!

  5. I've spent two days trying to organize my closet, after the entire right side collapsed, it's still not close to done. =(

    I love this outfit and I am loving this blog!


  6. I think the first step is always to realize you have a problem ... haha :)
    No, actually when you start looking into your closet with a different approach great things happen. I did a 6 month shopping ban and I learned so much from it. I am a bit more controlled on the things I buy now.
    I really like your skirt, it's a fabulous piece I would wear all the time - and the price you paid for it, even better.


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