Monday, November 30, 2009

potential gifts for the girly-girl

Starting these last two weeks of class I'm begining to realize that Christmas is just around the corner! Being a poor student, I know people don't expect much of me, butI still like to get a lil something-some for those closest to me, and thought i'd share some goodies I found!

For the lil' sis

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

How cute, right? And everyone needs a little Marc in their life.

Betsey Johnson at ShopStyle

Or thisBetsey Johnson piece? How christmas-y... I love the mittens!

Kenneth Jay Lane at ShopStyle

And this is just adorable! I can't help but lust after it.

And of course with all that jewelry you'dneed something like...

PairedPartridge Jewelry Tree $24.99
You don't have to be a bird lover to think this is awesome.
This actually got melooking for myself and I found a wholebunch of affordable solutions at Urban Outfitters. I wish they'd let me embed or copy their photos! But you can check them out here, here, here and here if you're interested!

*sigh* i love this time of year.... it gives me a justifiable excuse to spend hours and hours shopping online :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

catching up

Just got back from the rehersal for the talent showcase we're putting on with Circle K to benefit Friends of Honduran Children! The acts are sooo good! We have a skit from the Musical Theatre group, some caribbean dancers, some great acoustic and vocal sets, and so much more! It's going to be a great night and hopefully we raise some serious funds for a good cause....
So that's my excuse for being a lazy about this.

Worn Thurs, Nov 26th:
i'm not sure whats going on here... i think i was about to start that whole "try to rub your belly and pat your head at the same time" thing.

necklace - Spring ($12)
cardigan - Dynamite ($29)
tank - Dynamite ($10)
skirt - F21 ($15)
tights - F21 ($7)
flats - Steve Madden @ DSW ($22)

Worn Tues, Nov. 24th:

cardigan - h&m ($20)
tank - h&m ($14)
bangle - ??
high waisted jeans - Dynamite ($49)
heels - Guess @DSW ($25)

Monday, November 23, 2009

my very own le sac dress!

After reading this post by Indiana Adams over at Adored Austin, and promptly following the link to these instructions, I figured, hey, I can do that! And probably pretty quickly too...
So, instead of working on my politics paper, I made my very own Le Sac Dress.
After screwing up the ribbon twice (for future reference, a minimum of three arm lengths!), I think the result came out pretty well.

super easy to make! but whether or not i actually wear it out is still to be seen... oh! and forgive the hair and lack of make up... this is the only time i was out of my pjs all day long :)

shirt - Miss Sixty (ages ago)
shoes - Spring (ages ago)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

being studious

4 papers in 2 weeks....
possible? yes.
fun? definitely not.
So I spent the afternoon gathering books in the library and reading about American foreign policy post-9/11. Good times.

sweater - Dynamite '08 ($45)
tee - F21 ($4)
belt - Spring ($17)
jeans - Dynamite ($29)
OTK socks - Ardène ($5)
boots - Thrifted Valu Village ($8)

I love these boots. They remind me of RCMP boots... very militant. Fitting for what I was studying!
And now for a study break, and off to make delicious strawberry crumble!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fridays are for Shoe Shopping!

I have been a very bad blogger, haven't I? I guess my last year of university is a lot more work than i originally anticipated! So I apologize profusely my friends and face you today with a conundrum.... which shoes to keep?

These oh so cute plaid almost oxfords.
(Which are on sale for $20!)

These adorable ruffle front peep toes.

They are completely different styles which makes me not want to part with either of them as they will definitely both get some use, but unfortunately due to being recently let go *ahem* I think I need to curb my spending a little bit...
Just maybe.

And what did I wear to do said shoe shopping? Nothing too fancy... which kind of looked funny when trying them on...

top - Express (ages ago)
jeans - Guess ($59)
boots - Steve Madden ($30 last winter)
gold chain - taken from g-ma's jewelery box :)

Note to self: boots when shoe shopping - bad idea
why haven't i learned this yet?

Monday, November 16, 2009

wasting time...

I SHOULD be working on my social movement project for my politics, poverty and protest class... but i've been procrastinating horribly. Me? Procrastinate? I know, shocker, right?
So I thought I'd post some pics from last week that I never got around to.

Necklace - Vintage Thrift (Sympathy for the Rebel, Peterborough, ON) ($8)
Dress - Charlotte Russe ($29)
Belt - Dynamite ($8)
Tights - F21 ($8)
Boots - Lime Light ($39)

I love the chandelier style of this piece, and the store I bought it at was amazing. There are not a lot of recognizable retail stores for clothing in Peterborough, and the closest mall that is relatively decent is 45 minutes away, but there are an abundance of super cute independent shops, and this one is a prime example. Located in the downtown core, Sympathy for the Rebel is a sort of classier version of your common thrift store. If you're looking for bling, leather, fur, a fabulous vintage bag or hat, go here first. The staff is super sweet too and I'll definitely be heading back.

And just for the fun of it...
While raking leaves with Circle K last weekend, I realized that this is, indeed the best way to open those gigantic paper lawn waste bags..... after 90+ bags, we would be the experts you know :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

to buy or not to buy?

I'm at work in Ottawa, and I forgot my camera :( Not only that, I'm on my lap top and definitely dont have any pretty outfit pictures from the previous week. I know, i Fail.

So instead I've been reading million year old posts on some of my favorite blog sites, and shopping randomly on Modcloth and Forever21... and by shopping I mean lusting after, because after that ridiculous amount of cash I dropped in Texas last month I promised myself nothing but thrift til the new year.... but then I saw these....

... and I kinda, sorta fell in love.
and I haaaaave been looking for a really cute pair of Mary Janes.... and these are only $35.... shall I be bad or pray I find a pair at Value Village?? Decisions, decisions...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a short break on hump day :)

Yesterday was one of those crazy days that go-go-go and once you finally get home to kick up your feet and look at the clock its already 8 and the day's long gone. At the last minute we lost our audition space for the performance showcase we're hosting on campus next month, so that was just piled on top of the stress of an upcoming social movement presentation worth a whopping 30% and intermediate accounting midterm worth another 40%!

Thankfully I still managed to look cute through times of turbulence!
It was so pretty outside yesterday, and one of the first days you didn't need a heavy coat so i took the opportunity to snap some pics outdoors! Don't mind the fact that I look bare foot...

Cardigan - BCBGeneration
Green tee - F21
Skirt - BCBGeneration
Beads - Thrifted

I'm sure you'll notice the ridiculous amount of BCBG that will pop up in the next little while, but while visiting the boy's rents outside of Dallas a few weeks back I found the most wonderful outlet store in Grapevine Mills and went a little Max crazy... sorry! But who could honestly resist?

Today on the other hand seems a lot more low key... besides a 9am class this morning, I don't have much to do except try to clear up this whole audition space situation and head to the local high schools to recruit volunteers! So, what better to round up recruits than with a military style vest to show them I mean business?

Vest - F21
LS tee - F21
Gold Braided Belt - Thrifted
Jeans - Parasuco for Smart Set
Flats - Steve Madden

I clearly had some centering issues this morning, but I think you get the idea.
Alright, off to actually accomplish things!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

hey its just another saturday...

It's definitely a lazy Saturday afternoon around here. Assignments and projects are at the back of my mind and its time for mindless chores and catching up on blogs with a hot cup o' joe.

I can't say I was particularly exciting this week... way too much going on in terms of Circle K, school and the job I may or may not have when I get back to ottawa! lol. But I *did* manage to squeeze some time in to head to the Salvation Army down the street!

My first purchase was this silk alfred sung skirt:
Its so soft and light... definitely not a winter skirt, but for 3$ I couldn't let it get away. Maybe I'll shorten it and save it for the spring?

Then I found this:
Isn't it gorgeous? A 5$, emerald green, suede, tiered, pencil skirt from Danier. I'm completely in love. Sexy, yet classy and no nonsense... the only problem? slightly too big!! Do i try to alter the suede myself or take it home over christmas break and hope Gma can work her magic? Or do i totally cave and bring it to a tailor? Hmmm, I dont know if I can wait that long to wear it!

All I know is that its definitely time to start working more colour into my wardrobe! I went to put away laundry this morning and it was a giant sea of gray.
Kind of sad and dreary, isn't it? The most exciting thing on there are the clothespins! I promise! I'll work on it!

xoxo melrose

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

school days

Worn Nov. 2/09:
Comfy yet chic... I loooove wedge boots. Being only 5'3 with a boyfriend who is over 6 feet kind of requires heels at all time... easiest way to run around all day? Wedges!
And my god was it busy! I will be so happy when this semester is over!

Top - Charlotte Russe
Jeans - F21
Necklace - Dynamite
Boots - Franco Sarto (only 60$ brand spanking new!), Bigley's
Bag on Bed Post - Roxy (wasn't holding it, but definitely wore with the outfit!)

Worn Nov. 3/09:
To continue this crazy week, I had a midterm and paper due today... always good times. So the hair gets thrown up once again, and comfy jeans are a must.

Top - F21
Vest - YDE, Jean Machine
Belt - Aldo Accessories
Jeans - Parasuco for Smart Set
Shoes - Spring

I'm looking for some new shoes to wear with wide leg pants. I love the way cork wedges look, but I find most styles too summery for canadian winters... and round toed boots look funny to me.. I feel like you need to show some skin... Any suggestions?

Monday, November 2, 2009

My favorite holiday!

What a better way to start out than with the wonderousness that is halloween??

So the past few years I've taken to making my own costumes or using things from around the house. Case in point:
Last year I was a brunette Cyndi Lauper!
Don't mind the drunken look in my face, but isn't that top fabulous? That was thrifted from the Value Village for 6$, but the poof-skirt and flashy leggings were made by me! And winning best dressed wasn't so bad either!

This year I decided I wanted to be a ring leader, so i thrifted a long black coat and cut it into tails and resolved to line it with this awesome red.... and then i ruined it. So since I spent the last week in texas with my boyfriend, why not go with that theme?
So this year I was a saloon girl and have to concede that I was not creative at all and bought my costume :( but I have to admit, its still pretty darn cute!

This was post trick-or-treating and pre-halloween party so I'm kind of a mess, but I had a blast swishing my petticoat around and flipping my feathers! And yes, those are unicef boxes! Apparently they don't let small children do this anymore! Such a shame, I remember those little fluorescent boxes around my neck! and I still like to hear the jingle!

*sigh* and now i have to wait another year for it to come again.... i might just have to work that petticoat into my everyday wardrobe though!