Sunday, October 3, 2010

Marching On

Yes, I've been a bad blogger and far too caught up in this this crazy thing I lovingly refer to as my life. Oh, and I couldn't move for a few days due to over-exertion at the gym. Yes, I am dumb.
BUT! I have been sticking to my challenge, so here's Day 4!

vest - F21 (2009)
dress - Ricki's (2007)
wedges - Aldo (gift, bday 2010)

Now that I'm looking at these pictures, I have NO IDEA why I never wear this dress. It's a super cute basic. I bought it for a company Christmas party ages ago, and had it in my mind that it was more of a holiday/party dress.... clearly this is not the case at all and it will definitely be brought out more often!


  1. Omg, yes! That dress is super cute. The sleeves are awesome.

  2. That dress is perfect!! It's so versatile and I can see you styling it a million different ways throughout every season of the year.
    I kicked my own ass at the gym this week too. If I sit too long I almost need help getting up! Happy Sunday love. xx

  3. I totally don't know why you haven't worn this dress's quite cute...and looks very versatile! I love it with that cute!

  4. I so wish I can say I've over-exerted at the gym. Right now, I hang myself in shame!

    Love this outffit!



  5. That dress IS a great basic, not only in shape but also in color !
    See that you are already getting inspired... :)

  6. Yes! Wear that dress more! It's a perfect basic and I can't wait to see how your style it with tights!


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