Friday, October 8, 2010

Friend Friday: Commentators of All Kinds

1. Do you allow comments on your blog? Why or why not?
Heck Yes! I think comments are what makes the blogging community so much fun! It's how you get to know each other a little bit! And they still make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

2. Do you think people at times leave comments that are insincere or not well-thought out? What's the point?
I really dislike people that comment on 10 million blogs a day in order to get their own blog out there. I'll admit, I too have left my URL at the bottom of a comment once or twice, but it's usually if I feel a commonality between myself and the blogger and would like to be friends :) haha.

3. Would you ever leave a comment that could be considered negative?
Not negative... maybe thought provoking? I don't think I've ever been negative, and if I have I'm SORRY! It was unintentional. These people are putting themselves out there for the world to see, and that takes a certain level of bravery. I applaud those that let us glimpse into their lives and would never do anything to make them not want to be open anymore.

4. Most people claim to like constructive criticism. Do you really and how do you offer that kind of criticism to others?
I do! If I look off... I'd like to know! But more in a "you should try this next time..." and less in a "that ___ looks AWFUL on you!" No one likes getting their feelings hurt!
And yes, I give advice, or "constructive criticism", but I usually wait until it is solicited. I like when people like to hear my opinion!

5. Some bloggers don't allow comments in order to cut down on negativity. Do you think that is the way to go or are there other ways to deal with the negative vibes?
I kind of think it's ridiculous... I mean, you can always screen your comments before posting, right? Or mark someone as a spammer. I think it defeats the purpose of the community and becomes more of a "look what I have!" And if that's the case, I don't think those people should be allowed to comment on others' blogs either... kind of hypocritical, no?
Maybe it's because I've never encountered the negativity (hey, I'm not THAT popular!) but I definitely feel I could handle a negative comment or two and brush it off... I think all the positive ones would negate that!

Friend Friday is a Weekly Feature courtesy of the wonderful ModlyChic!
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  1. Interesting questions and good answers, well-said. I find it a li'l amusing to see someone leave bits of comments everywhere to get hundreds of followers. Who has the time to do that? I'd like it to be an exchange, to get to know who reads the blog and I get to know those that I'm following too!

    And criticisms? Bring it on! I suppose I always have the right to delete them, don't I? Bwah ha ha!


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  2. And ahmn.. I'm trying to not walk by UO as I may do some serious damage!

    I saw it when I went by to get some milk and then had to quickly walk away.. did you go? Is it fab?

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  3. that dog is so funny!

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