Thursday, October 14, 2010

Casual Weekend Garb

This is what I wore last weekend to wander downtown with the boy. It was SUCH a pretty day, but definitely frigid. Of course a coat was added.
We hit up the new Urban Outfitters on Rideau Street and omigosh I fell in love with so much, but unfortunately it was a ZOO in there so I didn't get a chance to try anything on, and there was no way I was waiting in that line up to pay for anything. Their "home" department disapointed me though. Whenever I visited their Montreal location I always found the most fabulous decorations and almost always left with something in hand. Unfortunately the Rideau location has the bare minimum and mostly carries their little trinkets like shot glasses and humorous books. They're still brand new to that location though, so maybe they'll expand in the future, who knows?

scarf - LeChateau (2008)
sweater - Express (2008)
jeans - Smart Set (2010)
boots - Spring (2010)
wood bangles - Vintage (??)


  1. I love your cozy scarf and boots. It sounds like you're getting wintery weather. Brr!

  2. Such a great, cozy outfit. I'm in love with those boots, Melrose! xx

  3. I love all of the layering in this look. You look great in brown and those boots...sigh... xx

  4. I love your boots...I love the shearling cuffs

  5. So funny that I live a few minutes away from UO but never went in. It's chaos in there and like you, I refuse to line up to pay and give them my money! They should give us champagne while we shop!


    love the boots!


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  6. UO is such a lovely shop! I tend to do my shopping online though, less tedious! Hopefully things settle down in your new location.

    Liking the scarf and boots!


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