Friday, October 15, 2010

Camera Complications

I got some bad news recently, unfortunately my house which was SUPPOSED to have a closing date of Nov. 25th has now been pushed back to Feb. 1st. That means another 2 whole months of living at home. BUT I'm trying to look at the bright side, and that ALSO means another 5 paydays before I have a ridiculous amount of bills to pay.
Since I have been coveting a DSLR for sometime now, and given that I have a little more time and cash to be placed in my savings account, I thought I would buy myself a little treat. I'd been doing my research for a while and thought I had settled on the Nikon D3000. A great camera at a great price, and it has a neat little "guide" feature which teaches noobs like me what all the different settings can do. Me being me, was easily talked into getting the newer D3100 which just came out a little over a month ago with the added features of HD video and an extra 4 megapixels.
SO I brought home my shiny new toy and eagerly began playing with it... only to discover that on timed shutter release you can only take ONE photo at a time, and that while the D3000 had a couple compatible wireless remotes, the D3100 removed that feature. Why would you REMOVE features on a newer model!?!?

Anyhoo, to make my incredibly long story short, while the Nikon D3100 is a VERY pretty and VERY easy to use camera, for a blogger like me who takes the majority of her own pictures, it is NOT the best option.
This weekend I'm going to exchange it for the Canon Rebel T1i, which costs $20 less, has an extra megapixel, the same HD video capability, and those extra features I need to take self portraits.

And now some photos taken with my good 'ol point & shoot:

blouse - Vintage (mine since 2010)
jeans - Dynamite (2008)
wedges - Aldo (2010)
necklace - Smart Set (2010)


  1. You bought yourself a new camera (well, exchanging it but nonetheless)? WOW! I heard Cannon Rebel is really great too so I hope you'll love that one!

    I can never wear high-waisted pants like this so I'm totally lovin' this look on you!


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  2. I love your blouse. It's gorgeous! I'd love to hear more about your camera. I'm hoping to get an DSLR someday.

  3. Amazing outfit! Love the vintage look!

  4. I love the blouse..the sleeves are perfect..
    I broke my camera yesturday...I'd been thinking of getting the Canon Rebel one you mentioned..and instead just opted for a basic (much cheaper) digital camera...yesturday while taking my outfit pictures it fell off my BBQ (I was too lazy to set up the tri-pod)..and it squished in the zoom it's stuck..and I tried everything I could to fix it...but I hated that camera anyways...but now I need a new camera...but my track record for breaking electronics is I don't want to invest in something major...and break it doing something stupid....ugh!!!

  5. Cute jeans!
    I'm sorry to hear your closing date changed, but hooray for buying a house! I can't wait to finally settle down and purchase a house, but I think it won't happen for a few more years...


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