Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gimme A "Five!"

Yesterday was SO cold in the morning! That's my excuse for my outfit being very "blah" yesterday. I have lots of styling ideas jotted down, but not many that involve pants, which presents a bit of a problem when I'm feeling uninspired in the mornings. Looking back now, a scarf or some bolder accessories would have definitely helped this outfit out a bit.
The forgotten piece below is the cardigan, and I think after another wear or two this one might be ready for the donate pile.

cardigan - F21 (2008)
tee - Joe Fresh (2010)
skinnies - Gap (2010)
studded flats - Aldo (2010)

These flats were only $20 and one of the 2 pairs I purchased instead of my LeCaros. They're not super flashy or anything, but a great basic to slip on and they coordinate with practically everything.

And for some reason I look like I was trying to be a cheerleader.


  1. That's a F21 Cardigan?? Is it from this season? I want one just like that!! In the winter, I wear these bad boys everyday. :-)

  2. Ottawa is starting to get scaaary cold! I don't look half as good as you on cold days. I look more like a confused yeti!


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  3. You look very cozy and happy! I think you look like you're dancing. I love the cardigan. Casual looks are fun too.

  4. I'm a fan of simple and uncomplicated looks so I love this. And your hair looks extra voluminous here. It matches the bounce in your step! xx

  5. I Love the skinnies ! Very Audrey Hepburn with the flats

  6. I guess everyone was feeling blah yesterday. I like that your outdoors with your pics girl :) You look and simple and put togther, very nice. Eric and I are still apart btw. We just look very good in photos together :) but our trip was amazing!


  7. It ended up being soooo nice yesterday afternoon, though - c'mon Indian Summer ;) Anyone? ... yeah, not likely.

    Don't donate the cardi yet!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  8. Btw, I'd love for you to enter this give-away!


  9. Thank you for the boot suggestions on my blog! Already checked out a few at Delias saw a couple I liked... still picturing those minnetonkas:D
    Anna of What A Wonderful Weardrobe


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