Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fourteen & Fresh Out

Oh yay, the first of the month. Can we detect the sarcasm in my voice?
Work is always crazy busy on the 1st, and for some reason I can't stop yawning.
So sleepy!

So I'll keep it short... here's outfit #14. I'll be honest, I have about 2 more to post so far, which brings me to just past the halfway mark... and I'm all out of ideas, super bored of these items, and dying to go shopping. These sales are most certainly testing my self control! How badly do I want a sequinned cardigan right now or a new holiday party dress?
Anyways, back to my original train of thought... any renixing ideas based on my 30 pieces? I'm fresh out.

Also, is there a trick to keeping my photo resolution up when I make them bigger? Do I have to learn to use flickr?


  1. I would resize images before uploading.

    As for more ideas - Why not layer that buttondown (2) you're wearing underneath the grey dress (15). How about tucking #5 into #23(if it fits)? Or tucking one of the dresses into #21? Or wearing #5 under #10 or 11 with a pair of jeans and tall boots?

    Did you ever add 3 additional pieces to make up for the 3 that weren't working for you?

  2. Those skinnies are looking so fantastic on you! Don't know if they even fit me. argh!

    Btw, are you up for blogger meet-up hun? Its for next week!


  3. I love the colors in this outfit!! And the last picture too! Those boots are just fabulous too! You could try maybe skirt #23 with dress #15 worn as a top, boots #25 and vest #9, that might be fun? Or horrible? I was just kinda brainstorming! Good luck on the remixing and avoiding the sales! :)

  4. Hey Mel! I'm not so great with looking at items separately and matching them all up... usually I have to play dress up to get some different mixes going. Have you tried pairing skirts over a dress? And I know you have done this, but big chunky belts tying together a cardigan always changes the look.

    BTW! If you are up to meeting with a bunch of us girls for dinner next week (Thursday), let me know! It's going to be: Tinfoil Tiara (Emily), 20York Street (Marilou), Chichichic, LoveK, Pop Champagne (Julie)and I think a few others.
    Email me :)

  5. Such a cute outfit -- I really like the yellow with the plaid, and those skinny jeans!

    Sidewalk Chic (formerly Sidewalk Chalk)

  6. I say just hold your cat all the time and no one will notice the outfits. It's all about accessorizing! One trick I use sometimes is wearing a shirt over a dress to make it look like a skirt.

    I noticed a few posts ago you said you love adult cartoons. Have you seen Home Movies? It's kind of weird, but great. All the dialogue is improvised, and then the animation is done later. Also, I was surprised you didn't mention Daria. That's my favorite cartoon for sure!

  7. loving the plaid!



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