Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Argyle*

Rain, rain, go away... Melrose wants to come out and play... with her camera... and maybe frolic in the leaves without getting covered from head to toe in mud :)

Boo for more indoor photos! I've been TRYING to be creative about the whole photo thing now that I have my new baby (Canon Rebel I love you!), but until I find a way to rig up an umbrella to the top of my tripod, I'm banished indoors. That being said, yesterday was a horrible tease of what fall weather SHOULD be like, and I did get a few cute outdoor shots that will likely be posted later this week.

argyle sweater - Dynamite (2008)
trousers - Gap (2010)
wedges - Aldo (2010)
bag - BCBGeneration (2010)

I'm debating buying a pair of OTK boots from At a fraction of my budgeted price, they're very tempting. Has anyone ordered from there before? What is the quality like?

Also, Yuri, founder of posted a response to Vahni of grit & glamour.... clearly I don't agree with her views... but what do you all think? Join in the convo on her comments page.


*post title courtesy of Bouncing Souls


  1. I juist finished reading the response...and also your comment below it...I love what you said!! Go you!!!

  2. Super cute sweater!

    From the response I've read about gojane, their shoes tend to be like cheap trendy shoes. It's a great way to try a trend, but I wouldn't expect them to last for many seasons.

  3. I Love argyle ! Classic and put together. I also Really love the pink walls and background. Very cozy.

  4. Aw, argyle is one of my faves! The print and shape are really flattering on your curves, you look great!

  5. Doesn't it super suck when it's bad weather out? And the getting dark earlier is also killing me. Boo for the places we live!

  6. I have that camera too! love it!!!
    Love the outfit! and that bag is amazing!

  7. Hi M!

    Are you going to be at the red carpet tonight? Wanna meet up? I have fittings at Rachel Sin but then I'll head home, change and walk to the Gallery.. Will I see you there?


  8. There's something about fall & argyle. They just go so well together :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. love your sweater! maybe we'll run into each other at OFW! thanks for stopping by my blog!



  10. I completely empathize with your frustrations with indoor photos. It just is not the same as outfit photos outdoors! I'm stressing about what I'll do when the weather gets too cold and I can't be outside anymore. I'm going to need to find some creative corners of my house to use for photos!


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