Monday, October 25, 2010

A Solemn Goodbye

* sigh* Yes, I'm parting with my lovely Diors without having once worn them. That isn't to say it wasn't attempted though... they're just far too squishy on my toes. Perhaps I'll style them for a random photo shoot, but they definitely won't be worn to work anytime soon. I run back and forth to the photocopier far too often to endure that kind of pain. /cry.

On another note, I've kind of sort of been getting the hang of my wonderful new camera, and that makes me happy. In no way have I gotten my money's worth yet, but I'm working on it.
I've also been super good about shopping lately, and since I can't seem to find anything on my list I've refrained from buying any new items. I DID get my wonderful wool skirt from Etsy today though, so that will premiere soon enough... probably not tomorrow though. It's supposed to be 19'C... what IS with this weather? It can't seem to make up its mind!

cardigan - BCBG (2009)
dress - Smart Set (2010)
tights - Ardene (2010)
heels - Spring (2010)


  1. LOVE that dress. So sad about the boots. We're dealing with similar weather. It's hot and cold back and forth.

  2. Oh no! Are you really letting them go? That's smart though!

    so, are you still interested in going to OFW? I'm doing the draw tonight!


    Win a Yola Couture Designer Dress at:


  3. What a lovely dress! I'm sad to hear that you have to bid farewell to your boots. I've been there before though and there's not much worse than tromping around in too small shoes all day. I can't wait to see your wool skirt! Perhaps you want to send it my way for awhile since we are expecting around 20cm of snow today EEEk! xx

  4. I really love that dress! I can't believe you jumped up on a fence for that last shot! With my luck the pic would have been me on the other side with my butt showing and my legs in the air! ;)

  5. This is a gorgeous dress! Love the colors in it! That is talent that you can sit on a chain fence like that! I'd be on my ass with feet in the air, knowing my luck.


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