Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sparkle, Sparkle

A very simple work outfit. I just had one of those mornings last week when I didn't feel like getting up, didn't feel like getting dressed, and definitely didn't feel like facing the day. I thought a little sparkle would brighten my day, but to no avail. Thankfully last week is long over and this week is going much better.
It's still pretty tough to get up in the mornings though... does anyone else find that the darker and colder it gets in the morning hours, the longer you want to stay in bed?

tee - H&M (2009)
cardigan - Zara (gift 2010)
belt - Smart Set (2010)
pants - Dynamite (2007)
flats - Aldo (2010)


  1. Love the bit of sparkle! It's for sure harder to get moving when it's still dark in the morning and the days of sun feel shorter! But that also means the holidays are coming so that cheers me up!!!

  2. Your sparkle popping out is cute! And yes-when the weather gets colder and darker outside all I wanna do is stay in bed!

  3. I Love the yellow and gray combo ! I too have a Really hard time getting up in the morning when it is darker and colder. The weather seems sad and dreary. It feels much better to stay safe in bed under warm covers lol.

  4. Oh, I love how you paired the sparkles with a cardi for a day of work!

    I actually love how it gets darker earlier because it means I can hop into bed earlier! Plus it means the holidays are coming... and who doesn't love the holidays?

  5. Love how you belted the belt (hmm, that was redundant). Love the lovely mustard hue of the cardigan. Is the tee sparkly? Gasp!

    Call Me Ishmael

  6. I love the hint of sequin peeking underneath anything! I've been meaning to try the look and more inspired to do so after your post!

    p.s. No. Not very tall at all! =)

  7. Mustard is such a great color for fall! The hint of sparkle underneath is so great.

    I feel the same way about getting up in the morning, cold+dark=I should be sleeping.

  8. You did pretty good for not feeling like dressing up!
    I love this combination and think that you were able to pull shiny perfectly during the day time. Well done Melrose.


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