Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Uneventful Weekend...

It's turning out to be a very uneventful weekend. Yesterday was gorgeous, but was spent cleaning the house in preparation for my mother's return, so we anticipated going into the gatineau hills today, or maybe to a farm to pick up some pumpkins... Unfortunately the weather is just awful (cold, gray, gross) so it looks like it will be another spent around the house. Maybe I'll head down to Michael's to pick up some craft items... Stephanie of love&lace has some absolutely gorgeous DIY halloween ideas on her blog.

blazer - Ricki's (2008)
cowl sweater - BCBG (2008)
pants - Gap (2010)
heels - Aldo (2010)


  1. I'm sorry to hear it's a cold, miserable day but at least you look lovely! Those heels are still on my must-have list. Heading down to Michael's is the perfect idea. I spent some quality time there the other day and now have some knitting and crocheting that I can't wait to dig into to!! xx

  2. You have reminded me that i need some tan shoes like yours, they are true perfection.
    WIsh I could send you some of my hot, humid weather :)


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