Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Brand New Do

I gots my hair did!
It's about time too! Now I can finally wear it down. He took so much out of it too, enough to make another full head i think.
Anyways, today it's back to work. The office is so quiet though! There are only 3 of us here as the construction side isn't allowed to work between Christmas and New Year's... lucky buggers.

So did anyone find any super fabulous deals while boxingday shopping? Feel free to share!

sweater - Jacob (2010)
tee - Dynamite (2008)
watch - Guess (2010)
skinnies - Smart Set (2010)
flats - Steve Madden (2009)

And just because it was too cute for words:


  1. Oh your hair looks great! Isn't it funny how much they can cut off, and still have a bunch remaining? Hmmm I didn't do too much boxing day sales, mall was way too crowded for my liking, but I picked up two open drape front cardigans from rw & co for $15, so that was good? Your cat is adorable as well.

  2. Ohhhh, your hair looks awesome! LOVE the cut...

  3. AAAW MILO! That's too cute lol.

    Love the hair, you have bangs now!!

  4. Your new do is GORGEOUS! Love the cozy cardigan.

    I didn't find any good deals, as a matter of fact I couldn't even find what I was shopping for at full price. I went thrifting today though and came out with a cognac leather skirt ($3.50) and a steampunky/pirate-y shirt ($1). Win some, lose some.

  5. Love the long cardigan! And your new 'do, too! I wish I could pull off bangs as well as you.

    Your cat is cute! My Lewis loves bags, but he always gets himself stuck in the handles.

  6. I'm loving the hair! Let me know when you get the package, I have no idea how long is usually takes to get there. I'm kicking myself for not adding tracking.

  7. Awe. Adorable kitty. Your hair looks great.

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