Sunday, November 28, 2010

Twelve and Thirteen

So, as we can tell I'm working on the new template. When I have a bit more time I'll create a new header, but photoshop still eludes me, and it will take more than a few minutes. Does anyone know how to make my columns wider/have them grow & shrink according to how big your browser window is? I really must learn xhtml.... eventually. Maybe when I have a little free time.

I DID manage to get the majority of my Christmas shopping done this weekend though! I dragged my mom out to the mall and helped her with some of her shopping too. She's quite the bah-humbug type when it comes to that part of christmas prep, so I like to help her when I can.

Anyways! Outfits!

7. sweater - Dynamite (2008)
13. cardigan - BCBG (2009)
19. trousers - Gap (2010)
29. wedges - Aldo (2010)

12. dress - Smart Set (2010)
16. cardigan - Jacob (2006)
27. ankle boots - Spring (2010)


  1. That glittery sweater of yours is such a must-do for the Holidays, I want one too! So, what did you get me? =)

    I started wrapping gifts last night!



  2. the dress is pretty! nice that you got your christmas shopping done so early :)

  3. I haven't even started Christmas shopping! Amazing that you are getting it done so early. A couple of Ottawa Fashion Bloggers are getting together for dinner Thursday, December 9th. Location still unknown at this time. I'll let you know. My email is

  4. I love that sparkling sweater! I can see you mixing and matching that baby all through the holidays. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet but my Mom has been done for months. Apparently I didn't get that trait from her! xx

  5. Great outfits!! I love the dress in the second outfit! And the sweater in the first outfit is great too! Yay for getting the bulk of your Christmas shopping done too! :)

  6. your dress? yeah, i love it. good 30/30 pick for sure:)


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