Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh how I love Christmas Parties!

Last Saturday night my work, Fuller Group of Companies, had it's Christmas party at the Britannia Yaght Club here in Ottawa. I didn't even know Ottawa had yaghts, let alone a club for them, but there you go. It was decorated SO beautifully by Silver Rose Florists... I wish I had captured more pictures.. but after a glass or two of wine, I'm completely useless. The only photos I even got of my outfit was at the end of the night when we were outside calling a cab, and I was completely shmammered. An open bar will do that to you. Good Times.

What I wore:
dress - Suzy Shier (2009)
belt - thrifted (2008)
suede coat - Vintage (mine since 2010)
heels - BCBG (2009)


  1. Ohh very nice! Open bars can be a lot of fun, or very embarrassing. Sounds like you had a great time :)

  2. You look so glamorous! Your hair is gorgeous.

  3. I love your hair! I wish I could do mine like that. I have a serious inability to style my hair, for some peculiar reason.

    Great outfit, and thanks for your comment on my blog! Happy Holidays!!

  4. Oh yes, the Yacht Club! It's beautiful there during the summer too, esp when they outdoor weddings!

    You look smashing!


  5. You have an Audrey Hepburn vibe here. Love your hair !

  6. How very pretty.
    Even before reading Emmas comment above I though "OH that look is so Audrey Hepburn" INDEED; it is.


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