Monday, December 27, 2010

The End of a Wonderful Weekend

I hope everyone had an absolutely lovely holiday long weekend! I know I did!
Stuffing my face like I'd never seen food before is what my Christmas Eve and Day consisted of. YUM! I'm pretty sure I won't want to weigh myself for a while now, haha. Oh well, I'll be heading back to the gym later in the week to work off some of that turkey and lasagna! The only bad part was I got so distracted by deliciousness and glasses of wine that I never took a single picture of what I was wearing! I may have to do an impromptu fashion show sometime in the near future so I can show you some of the cute outfits I put together!

Today J and I went boxing day shopping. Most stores at the Rideau Centre had a 2-day boxing day deal, so I scored some amazing things, which I'm sure will be making their debut on my blog soner rather than later. Really, it's the only day(s) of the year I can drop hundreds of dollars on myself and not feel an ounce of guilt :)

cardigan - Smart Set (2009)
blouse - Jacob (2010)
skinnies - Gap (2010)
boots - Sirens (2010)


  1. Love that blouse! I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday weekend. :) I actually haven't been shopping yet. I keep hearing about all of the after-Christmas sales, but I have no desire to go! What's wrong with me?! ;)

  2. Ohhhh I am loving this look! Did you get you dress and shoes yet?

  3. Love this look!~ Hope you enjoyed your shopping.

  4. this silhouette is great on your figure! you look so long and lean, especially with those gorgeous boots tucked into the skinnies.


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