Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Woo! Past the halfway point!
I love, love, love this skirt but its super close to not fitting anymore :( My new goal for the holiday season is not to gain anything... somewhat realistic I think.
I also cleaned out my closet and made a "skinny box" so I wouldn't be so depressed when getting dressed in the morning. The purple shirt (#1), the high waisted jeans (#20) and the plaid skirt (#23) from my 30x30 items have been put away, so I've seemed to have added this black cardigan... original I know.
After my last 30x30 challenge you think I would have learned to add more of a variety of layering pieces, like a vest or something. Oh well, next time!


  1. I am with ya on the gaining weight thing...I need to make a "skinny box"!!!

  2. I love the colors here, and that silhouette looks great on your. The socks look great under the boots!

  3. No point in holding onto pieces of clothing that doesn't fit, I say. You can always find new clothes, but looking into a closet of fabulous clothes that don't fit is just depressing. Good excuse to go shopping after the 30/30 though!

    You look fabulous in that skirt! Maybe you could get it let out a little in the future to make it more comfortable?

  4. Nice combination. And I love your style! I've been reading through your past posts and like your fashion-choices.

  5. How cute is the way you label your outfit pieces?? Love the equation!!
    Plus, that skirt is super cute.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  6. I love the skirt! Super cute outfit!! And yay for making the halfway point!! :)

  7. I love this outfit, esp. with those socks and boots!!


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