Friday, November 12, 2010

Take Five!

IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
I don't think I added nearly enough exclamation points, so here's a few more: !!!!!!!
Can we tell I had a long week? Fortunately I took Monday off, so yay for long weekends! Hopefully I'll be able to start my Christmas shopping and get started on some other chores around here. Does anyone else have issues with holding out on giving presents? Once I've bought them I just want to play with wrapping paper and shower people with their gifts! I love making people smile, and I'd like to think I'm great at picking out that special something! But I'll wait for Santa, I promise!


  1. I like the white flower and white socks they really pop! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love your boots. I have been searching for a similar pair for this season.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Oooh love those boots! Looking fabulous~

    I'm ready for Christmas to come and go. I already got teh Hubs his gift. We're impatient people though. My gift-wrapping skills could be likened to a cat on crack (aka half shredded and tape everywhere).

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. I Love the colorful top with the brown sweater. Great combo. As for Christmas, I too have trouble waiting to give presents. Especially for my kids. I got my daughter her Dream doll house and I am dying to give it to her. She will be so happy on Christmas. That is my main reason for wanting the Holidays to come and go.So I can have those moments I am very impatient. lol

  5. I have issues with holding onto Christmas gifts as well. That's my excuse for doing last minute shopping ha ha Because otherwise people would get their Christmas gifts from me in October. Loving the boots and socks and the way you did your hair! xx

  6. Hope you had a great weekend!!!! (and get some Xmas shopping done) Mondays off are the best!!!! I've been loving my reduced hours by having 3 days off/week.

  7. This is such a cute cozy look. I think the socks peeking out of the tops of the boots are what make this outfit for me. Can't wait to see what other combos you come up with!

    HAppy Remixing!



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