Thursday, November 18, 2010

Confessions & Outfit 8 of 30

The lovely & talented Ashelle tagged me in her "7 Confessions," so now it's my turn! And as per protocol I will tag 7 bloggers as well!

  1. I am an "adult" cartoon addict. I have EVERY episode of The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Futurama, (and lesser knowns like Undergrads & Clone High) on my hard drive.
  2. I plan on turning the 3rd bedroom in my new town house into a closet, and every time I tell J, I say it in a teasing voice so he thinks I'm joking..... I'm not.
  3. I HATED cats for the longest time. They smelled and scratched and I just wasn't interested. Then my best friend & roommate adopted a stray & I fell in love... Shortly after I adopted Milo from the Humane Society.
  4. I'm a smoker. Ew, gross, I know. I keep saying I'm going to quit, but its hard! And its better than smoking the stuff I used to on a regular basis...
  5. I watch far too much reality TV. Pretty much anything that has to do with fashion, modeling, cooking, weight loss, hoarding, weddings... anything really. Maybe my confession should be that I watch too much TV, period?
  6. I'm 24 and I'm still looking for that one hobby that gets me all excited and that I look forward to spending my free time doing... any ideas?
  7. I regularly blog stalk while I'm at work and should be doing productive things... like right now.
The 7 bloggers I'm tagging are:

Megan of Daily Waifu Snapshot
Viktoria of Viktoria with a K
Lisa of Stilettos and Diaper Bags
Lorena of Lorena's Every Day Wear
Tiffany of Fashion Ammo
Tiffany of A Reason to be Fabulous
Ashley of A Fashion Fixation

Can't wait to read all of your dirty little secrets!

And now back to my 30x30!

4. lace tee - Suzy Shier (2010)
11. cardigan - Urban Behaviour (2010)
19. trousers - Gap (2010)
29. wedges - Aldo (2010)


  1. Love these confessions! I am guilty of a few of them and I think I may ask you to come over to tell E exactly what you said last time. I do not own a lot of clothes and shoes. Not at all.

    Looove Family Guy and Simpsons!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  2. I didn't have hobbies until this summer... Now I'm obsessed with sewing and scrapbooking. I used to swear I would never scrapbook, but after my honeymoon I decided to give it a try. I hated the thought of 600+ honeymoon pictures just sitting on my hard drive. It's a lot of fun! Thanks for the tag... I have to think about my confessions :)

  3. Great confessions. I love Family Guy and South Park! I can watch them all day long. The small bedroom in our house in my closet too :) Chris thought I was joking until I stored all of my non-work clothes there and refused to move them, haha

    For hobbies... have you ever thought of fashion designing?

  4. Melrose thank you for the tag !
    I've been MIA but I am getting to posting it THIS WEEKEND !
    Thanks again, hugs.


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