Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm not very good at coming up with these.

The weekends go by way too fast in my opinion... too many things planned, and not enough time to accomplish it all!
I'm hoping to make it to the Wine & Food Show tomorrow (bf is a huge foodie, so we're hoping to try some fab new wines and nab a little bit of cooking inspiration!) and I started a little bit of Christmas shopping today before heading to my Aunt's for her birthday this evening.
Why does Christmas shopping for others always end up into a shopping trip for myself? I did pretty well though! I scored an anorak/military surplus style winter coat for $45 from Old Navy, and a super cute fur-trimmed vest for $35, both way under my budgeted amounts of $75 and $50, respectively. Lets pause while I give myself a pat on the back :)
Now I'm entering a 30 day shopping ban while I take part in the Fall edition of Kendi's 30 for 30! Anyone else joining in?

faux fur coat - H&M (2008)
l/s tee - Esprit (2010)
wool skirt - this seller on etsy (2010)

btw... how do you all come up with post titles? I always sit there for a good 5-10 minutes (no joke) trying to figure one out and then eventually just give up and write whatever. I am definitely not a right brained individual.... thats the creative one, right?


  1. Gorgeous plaid skirt! Congrats on the great shopping finds. You can always find great alternatives or sales going on.

    Post titles - Hmm, I usually have a theme or something that I'm 'feeling' that day. If my green dress reminds me of ice cream, then I might go with 'Pistachio'. I might also pull from whatever I might be talking about that day: kitties, shopping, being rushed, etc. Sometimes it's just song lyrics. I don't think I've duplicated titles yet.

    As for 30/30, that kind of restriction is just silly for me. I already have a tiny tiny wardrobe, and the current projected weather - well it's not the smartest idea. I will be cheering on those who are doing it. I love seeing how other people remix.

  2. I'm going to do the 30 for 30 as well!
    as for titles..I usually just start typing my write up first...and then something will stick out for a title from there

  3. Love this look! I'm doing the challenge too! So excited! Um I usually just look at my outfit and try to think of something like a touch of (color), or maybe what I did that day? Pretty cheesy usually :)

  4. Ah, brave and impressive! I wish I could join but travelling for work is not the most conducive for that challenge. I can't wait to see what you'll put together and your ON buys!

    As for post titles, they usually come pretty quick and if I'm ever at loss, I ask my J or my sister.. any witty title comes to mind?

    I've used them once or twice.



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  5. Great outfit, I love the wool skirt! Good luck with the 30-Day shopping ban, it sounds like something I should do before the holiday season.

    For titles, I'm always at a loss for witty things... so I just plunk in something relevant to the post. Or random.


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