Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Well Howdy Partners, it's Day 2!

I was asked if I was going to a hoedown tonight.
While the idea of finding a partner and swingin' him 'round does sound appealing to me, I digress, there is no hoedown in sight. Instead, this is my attempt at pattern mixing.
Despite the random comments today, I think I did quite well.

2. plaid shirt - Smart Set (2010)
21. skirt - BCBG (2009)
30. boots - Sirens (2010)

ring - Vintage (gma's)
socks - Ardene (2010)


  1. I'd say your pattern mixing was a success! Love the socks with the boots

  2. Fun look! I wish I had some knee high socks to wear with my boots :( I bet it keeps you warm!

  3. I really like your skirt! It's such a great shape and pattern. Did you end up swapping the shoes?

  4. I kindda like it, I would have never put that all together but it works!


  5. I think you did a fabulous job! You followed the key to pattern mixing - one big print and one smaller in similar tones. The boots were a great touch.

  6. I totally have this skirt! Its a fav, and I love how you're rocking it!

  7. I love the full feminine skirt with the plaid button up. Great job!

  8. What a great set... it's absolutely unexpected and fabulous !
    I love, love, love when there are NO ODDS of running into someone wearing what you are wearing !
    Just hate uniforms!
    PS. thanks for the heads up on the shoes!

  9. That skirt is amazing! I love the volume of it, especially with that plaid skirt. Such a fun look (and I'm so glad you're doing 30 for 30 again this year - your last round of 30 for 30 was one of my inspirations to give it a try).

  10. I think you did just smashing. I love the way you mixed prints. Your socks peeping out of your boots is the perfect touch. It's one of my favorite looks right now and I think socks and boots will be popping on my blog very soon as well. Love this! xx

  11. I love your mixing, that skirt is a fabulous piece, someday I hope you'll put it up for swap (wink wink,lol)

    Love from Toronto, Canada


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