Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3; a number some people use as a backwards E.

Thank you Urban Dictionary for the random title.
The camera was not my friend this morning. Oh well. This wasn't one of my better remixes anyhoo...
I hate this silly time change too. It's barely sunny when I leave for work, and it's already dark by the time I get home at 5. It looks like outdoor photos will have to be a weekend luxury for the next little while.
Anyways, onto outfit 3!

7. top - Dynamite (2008)
17. skinnies - Gap (2010)
25. boots - Franco Sarto (2009)

belt - Jacob (2010)
necklace - gift from mom's trip to Italy

And I don't think I'll be trading out for the flats, I'm going to stick to my original selection... who knows, maybe more random outfits will come out this way?


  1. Love the look! Great boots....thanks for the visit to my blog. Good luck with the challenge:)

  2. Cute outfit! I love what you're doing with your 30 pieces of clothing! Brilliant!


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