Friday, November 19, 2010

Ever have one of those Days When you Don't Wanna Wake Up? Everything is F****D.

Today just isn't my day. I made the mistake of not trying on my 30x30 pieces before putting them into the mix, and three - THREE - of the pieces don't actually fit me anymore. One worn as recently as 2 weeks ago. My purple button down has huge gaping holes between the buttons, i BROKE the zipper on my high waisted jeans (I managed to zip it up, just barely, and then it POPPED, taking half the teeth on the zipper with it), and my plaid wool skirt is so freaking tight I can't breathe. So now I have 27 pieces. Awesome.

And work? Don't get me started. Everything I've touched today has either broken, been cancelled, froze, or been done wrong.
Ever had one of those days when you realize you should have just stayed in bed?

At least I have outfit photos from yesterday to post for you.
9. vest - Old Navy (2010)
15. dress - Ricki's (2007)
30. boots - Sirens (2010)

Thank you Fred Durst for my title. I do in fact want to Break Stuff.


  1. Well on the plus side you look great!
    I love your layering here...perfectly Fall!

  2. Awww *hugs* Those days really suck. I've been going through them lately too. I usually try to take a step back, de-stress and try a different approach. Pick out 3 new pieces and do an update to your 30/30 items.

    All that crap aside, you look wicked hot in that sweater dress. I absolutely love those boots.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the day you're having :( But you do look absolutely stunning! Your boots and vest are GORGEOUS!

  4. Yesterday I want to destroy something... It sucked. But got better :) at least it's Friday and you can relax or have a cold/strong drink. I'm sure u can swap items that are broke if u havent worn them yet... But don't quote me. Take care babe xo

  5. Melrose...I am sorry you had a crappy day!! At least today is Friday (unless you have to work on the weekends.) Drink a beer or your beverage of choice and tomorrow is another day!!! Try to have a great weekend,

  6. I find that most of my bad days are followed by really great days. Considering that tomorrow is Saturday, things are already looking up!! And I agree with Megan Mae that you look smokin' hot in that dress. The entire look is hot for that matter. I love it all! xx

  7. I think everyone has had days like that! Hang in there!!
    and I really like this outfit!

  8. Replace those items and don't think twice! If it helps, you look great!
    Hope your weekend is looking up.
    The Auspicious Life


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