Sunday, July 25, 2010


With all the hustle and bustle of leaving the old and getting settled into the new job I totally spaced on taking pictures for a few days... go team me. So there may or may not be a huge gap between dates... whoops! Ah well. I will just have to repeat some of the random outfits I threw on on my in-between days. No biggie.

Worn Fri, July 23rd:

I am incredibly thrilled with my acquisition of this skirt. While the colors are very "Mel", it is probably the busiest pattern I have ever owned and not something I would normally gravitate to. But isn't it preeeettttttty? They had the same skirt in black but I've made a promise to myself to not add anymore of that color to my wardrobe, and I'm quite glad I stuck with something for once or I would have never ended up with this beauty.

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  1. The skirt is adorable! And a great piece to work with many basics.


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