Saturday, July 31, 2010

#13 is Lucky for Italians...I've got nothign about 14.

So I don't know about anyone else who's doing the challenge, but I feel like at the end of this I will never want to wear these pieces again. lol. I don't know... something about looking at them every day... I've sort of started to dislike getting dressed. This is probably because since it was my first time doing a challenge like this I really didn't know any better and picked some of the most BORING pieces in my closet. Good one Mel. Ah well, live and learn. And look at some outfits.



I have decided that at the end of this challenge I'm getting rid of those white flats. So be on the lookout in my shop or swap.


  1. I think you are doing great, these outfits are simple but classy! The second one is so cute!

  2. I don't think your outfits have been boring! They've had a businessy vibe going with them, but you've played with fun belts, necklaces and awesome accessories. You're doing great and nearly halfway through!

  3. Great skirt. Love it both the combos you've worn it in. I love that you're numbering your pieces and then posting the numbers with the outfit!!

  4. I love your grey skirt especially. Wish I had one like it!


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