Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eight & Nine

I read many blogs every day and most of you are so eloquent I get wild pangs of jealousy. I wish I had the comedic timing of Kendi, or Brooke's depth, or Marie's inexhaustable optimism that rubs off on you by just reading her words... haha, but unfortunately I'm not verbally creative, nor can I show off any crazily artistic skill like Megan, Natasha, or Meghan, so I would like to thank you all for stickin' around and making me feel special :)

So now what I believe you all come here for... some outfits!

Worn Thurs, July 16th:

Worn Fri, July 17th:

Sorry for the bluriness! I didn't realize til the upload!

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  1. You definitely have your own flair and great sense of style that keeps me coming back! That floral top combo is sooo cute and ladylike.


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