Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Number 12, a Casual Self

I know... it doen't quite rhyme. I was getting sick of just number titles though, haha.
Going super casual for the weekend but with a hint of my dressy self. My goodness I love these shoes, but they're starting to develop a hole on the inside where my big toe rubs against them... I'm sure it will be time to retire them soon enough, but until then I'm going to sport them constantly.

bangles - Vintage & Thrifted
belt - Dynamite (2007)
necklace - Gift from J (2010)


  1. Aww wear them out! They're a great pump. ^_^

  2. Oh I hate when I have to retire a beloved pair of shoes. It always seems like the impossible to replace them!! I love the chunky bangles xx


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