Monday, July 26, 2010


Saturday night was too much fun. J and I ended up heading to the Lebanese festival, and even though it was kind of raining all night long we had a blast. Why is middle eastern food so good? We had falafel and kibbeh and of course hummus and tabouleh... and who can forget the baclava? Yes, we kind of pigged out... but so worth it!

Worn Sat, July 24th:

This shirt was definitely longer when I put this outfit together in my head.... in retrospect, not the greatest ensemble, but hey, we all make mistakes.


  1. I LOVE the splash the color that your shoes add. One of my favorite colours of the summer! And Mmmmmmm hummus!! I'm glad you had fun. xx

  2. Mmm the festival sounds amazing! Nashville's Greek Orthodox church has a festival every year, I'm pretty sure I missed it. It always has the best food.

    I think you look cute and comfy, which is the best for chilling out and eating.


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