Friday, July 16, 2010

Numbah Five!

Tuesday was my day off and apparently I was feeling silly... so get ready for some random poses. haha.

Worn Tues, July 13th:

6 + 18 + 19 + 26
beads - Smart Set

I can't believe I'm only at #5 and wearing #8 today... some of the girls are at 12! and 14! And it looks like they don't repeat ANYTHING! It looks like I will need to up my capsule skills in the next challenge and maybe integrate some dresses...

As for the job front, I've been looking elsewhere, so we'll see what happens. I'm actually waiting to hear back from an accounts receivable job in the near future... I know it may sound boring, but I do want to be an accountant after all! So keep your fingers crossed for me!
I've told my managers how I feel and though they're sad to see me go, they understand. Retail isn't for everyone. I will miss the girls (and the discount!) horribly though... but I guess that's what facebook is for!


  1. You look stunning in red! I'm still envious of your perfectly distressed boyfriend jeans. Retail wasn't for me either and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on that accounts receivable job!! xx

  2. Oh I love the fun poses!!!
    That's too bad that the job isn't working like you hoped...just out of curiousity have you ever tried working at Winners?? I know it's still retail..but I know there are alot of opportunities to work your way up...the only issue is there is no commision...and of course it's retail wages...but within a few months of me working there they were wanting me to apply for supervisor positions (I can't think of what they were actually called...basically being in charge of a section of the store)..I turned them down tho because I didn't actually want full time work...and was just barely preggo....
    good luck!

  3. Great poses!

    Retail really isn't for everyone. I hated it. Catty employees, worse customers... surprisingly didn't mind "customer service" but cashiering got all the flack.


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