Sunday, January 30, 2011

what a girl wants vs. what a girl needs

I've been pretty awful at taking photos and blogging lately, but my mind has definitely been elsewhere *ahem, trip!*. I am very proud to say though that I haven't gone out and bought a bunch of new things to wear on the beach. As much as I'd love a new suit, I have a few that I've accumulated over the years that fortunately still fit. I have been informed though, of a lovely floppy hat at walmart for $7 that I may or may not have to purchase before my trip. For you know, safety reasons. The sun is quite harsh and a girl needs to be protected! I also have a maxi on my wish list for the coming summer, and if I find one at a reasonable price, I may just have to buy it a little early!

Also, it feels good to know I'm already getting a lot of wear out of my January purchases!

cardigan - Smart Set (2010)
tunic - Dynamite (2011)
skinnies - Gap (2010)
heels - BCBG (2009)
pearls - grad gift


  1. You totally have to get the floppy hat!! I think they are soooo glamorous...and take pictures too!!

  2. I love floppy hats in the summer, not enough people wear them around here :) Love the flowers on the tunic too, you look great :)

  3. Love the floral print and yes, great idea to get a cute floppy hat:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  4. You look great- I love the floral print! Floppy hat is a warm vacation must have! xo Emily

  5. A hat is always needed for safety reasons ;) and 7$ is a reasonable price to keep yourself protected from the sun. I adore the floral print!

  6. Oh I like this silhouette on you.... nice.


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