Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Projects

Since the New Year is a time for Resolutions, and of course, all things new, I was considering starting a few new features.

First, I'm going to change my "Weekly Money Check-Up" (which I haven't been very good about posting lately) into a Monthly feature instead. Here I'll give you the run-down on my monthly shopping budget, clothing purchases, and any other interesting things I've done with my money.

Second, I would like to be more accountable to my exercise-oriented goals. On a weekly basis (or bi-weekly) I'm going to try to record my weight loss/weight lifting goals, and maybe a few numbers... kind of similar to Kayla at Blue Collar Catwalk's "Sweaty Wednesdays."

And lastly, I would like to do a blog spotlight (super original, I know). Instead of restricting it to only fashion bloggers though, I'm going to profile whichever blog has me constantly coming back as of lately... artists, ramblers, make-up vixens, money mavens... whoever!

So keep a look out for all of these goodies in the near future!

And now of course, an outfit:

cardigan - Smart Set (2010)
blouse - Smart Set (2010)
skirt - Zara (2010)
heels - Aldo "Urquisa" Pumps (on sale!)
watch - Guess (2010)


  1. I've been eyeing those Aldo shoes up for awhile! LOVE them...are they comfy?
    Super cute outfit...I love the skirt...such a great neutral!
    All your blog plans sound great!

  2. I Love this outfit ! Very crisp. Very J Crew. Shoes are Fabulous, I Love the high chunky heel.

  3. That skirt is very nice, I can see it working with so many different things and styles too! I like your plans for the new year, can't wait to see them :)

  4. Agreeing with Miss Emma. It's got a very J.crew look. I can't wait to see the things you're planning.

  5. The skirt is adorable! Perfectly polished. I like the schedule you have planned for the year!

  6. Looking very stylish in this outfit Melrose. I am excited about the upcoming changes to your blog!

  7. I love love that skirt! I just got the most perfect button-down but I need more skirts to go with it!

  8. Great shoes. And it's your blog, so run it any way you want!

  9. Loving those shoes! I'm so glad you got the package, and I hope you love the dress and shoes. I can't believe customs sometimes - er. I'm hoping the booties will fit, I'm nervous now that my feet are starting to swell - thanks a lot pregnancy, thanks.

  10. wow this skirt is bad zara is so far away from my place! Oh and I've wanted to lose some weight and tone up this year too...

    In Her Stilettos- An Austin Fashion Blog

  11. those shoes! love them <3

  12. You've got the nicest nude pumps Mel, I'm lovin' this outfit!

    I gotta say, your Money Check-up feature is one of my faves so please don't take that away. Once a month is good. I can't wait to see your new features!

    And... I can't forget to thank you for such kind comments you leave at 20YS. Thank you for also being there for me!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  13. Adorable outfit. I love the skirt! But are those bare legs?! Because if so, you are one brave chic! It's damn cold in Ottawa. I'm looking forward to your new projects. :)

  14. This nude shoe makes you legs look a million miles long! Perfection :)

  15. Well aren't we looking fabulous in this outfit ?
    I love the color scheme and that skirt. Perfecto.


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