Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Money Check-Up

This month is the first that I've decided to do a Monthly Money Check Up as opposed to a Weekly.
So far, so good. I set myself a $100 clothing budget, and my spending was as follows:

Tristan thrifted blouse - $4

Ricki's polka dot blouse $16

Dynamite pencil skirt $5

Dynamite zip front skirt $5

Dynamite floral tunic $30

Etsy wool skirt $23

Dynamite trousers $25 (exchange from December purchase)

Total January Clothing Spending: $108
Total Additions to Savings/Mutual Funds: $985
Other Big Purchases: Ikea set of drawers ($150), Clinique skin care regimen ($100), Make-up ($35), Books ($25).

All in all, there was some frivolous spending, but when I move into my new place in March, that will clearly have to stop.

February Goals:
  1. Stay within my clothing budget, and spend under $92 to make up for this month's excess of $8.
  2. Add at least $1000 to savings.
  3. Savings Goal: I would like to purchase a new car in the next year, and would like at least $8000 for a down payment.


  1. Wow I think you're doing pretty well. I need to follow your example and actually set up a separate savings account.

  2. Wow, you are so lucky to have a clothing budget of $100! Since October I have spent $100 TOTAL on clothes. Clinique skin care can get expensive... Is this your first time trying it? If it is you should know that a great time to buy the 3-step is during their mother's day promotions. All of the bottles are bigger and the price isn't any different. Good job with the savings!

  3. Wow. It's impressive that you stuck to your budget. Love your finds this month.

  4. Man, I should really, really do a budget! I am so bad at it and you have my total RES-PEK for doing this!

    So, I was talking to Ash and Emily about blogger swap soon? Or you can still shop my closet!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  5. nice fashion stuff on a linited budget...great

    nice blog and offering niche information.

  6. I just saw your feature on Natasha's blog and enjoyed it very much! She also featured me in December, we have that in common. Love the number crunching you provide alongside your outfit shots.


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