Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Weigh-In

Another week's flown by! I'm done work and classes and now I can sit back with my glass of wine. Not so good for my waist, but oh so necessary.
I've been trying to kick my workouts into high gear though because I'll have to get into a bathing suit a little sooner than expected. Wish me luck!
I've had this next bit in my post edits for a while, but never posted it... I think its time I should.

So at the beginning of this year I took my weight and measurements:

height: 5'3.5 (that extra half inch makes all the difference you know!)
weight: 132lbs (even though the gym says 125... but we'll go with my home scale where I won't feel awkward re-weighing myself)
My end goal is to be a healthy (not freakishly thin like I was last year) weight of 110-115lbs, to have more energy and stamina, and to have a little bit of tone on my arms, legs and waist.
My goal for January is/was to get to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, and to do 100 crunches, 100 oblique twists, 50 push ups, and 2 sets of planks a night.
Oh, and of course to look smokin' hot on the beaches...

Now that you can hold me accountable, I'll give you my update and an end-of-month run-down and goals for February in a few weeks.

jacket - Ricki's (2009)
velvet dress - Jacob (2010)
skinny jeans - Smart Set (2010)
watch - Guess (2010)
booties - Aldo (2008)


  1. You go girl! I've always had a very fast metabolism, but I eat so much junk and fast food. My husband is trying to loose weight, so I've been trying to be supportive and eat healthier as well as exercise (since, I should probably do that anyways - if not, the moment my metabolism slows down I'm screwed).

    That velvet dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love the blazer as well.

  2. I think you look great no matter what you weigh. Love the velvet dress. Also Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will probably start fresh in a month. I need to be stronger.

  3. Good luck! I made a goal for myself at Christmas that I wanted to be able to run 5 miles by the end of February and today I did it! Never thought I'd ever be able to run that much.

    This is a beautiful look on you!

  4. I think your beautiful. And it's good to know that you are getting in shape the right way :) Take care.

    I've tagged you, because I think you are awesome:

  5. Good luck! I believe we're the same height and very close in weight, too. I have no problem working out but I have a huge appetite. I'm going on vacation in March, so I really need to tone up a bit to look good in that bikini. :) I'm relying on you to inspire me to get going, hehe.

  6. I was wearing a velvet blazer today, what a coincidence!

    I agree with Ashley, I think you are beautiful too!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  7. Well, you look gorgeous, but good luck with the weigh in goals!


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