Wednesday, November 4, 2009

school days

Worn Nov. 2/09:
Comfy yet chic... I loooove wedge boots. Being only 5'3 with a boyfriend who is over 6 feet kind of requires heels at all time... easiest way to run around all day? Wedges!
And my god was it busy! I will be so happy when this semester is over!

Top - Charlotte Russe
Jeans - F21
Necklace - Dynamite
Boots - Franco Sarto (only 60$ brand spanking new!), Bigley's
Bag on Bed Post - Roxy (wasn't holding it, but definitely wore with the outfit!)

Worn Nov. 3/09:
To continue this crazy week, I had a midterm and paper due today... always good times. So the hair gets thrown up once again, and comfy jeans are a must.

Top - F21
Vest - YDE, Jean Machine
Belt - Aldo Accessories
Jeans - Parasuco for Smart Set
Shoes - Spring

I'm looking for some new shoes to wear with wide leg pants. I love the way cork wedges look, but I find most styles too summery for canadian winters... and round toed boots look funny to me.. I feel like you need to show some skin... Any suggestions?

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  1. i love those boots! only $60?! what a great find. i have the same problem, as well. i'm under 5'3", too, so i agree...wedge boots are the way to go!:)


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