Saturday, November 21, 2009

being studious

4 papers in 2 weeks....
possible? yes.
fun? definitely not.
So I spent the afternoon gathering books in the library and reading about American foreign policy post-9/11. Good times.

sweater - Dynamite '08 ($45)
tee - F21 ($4)
belt - Spring ($17)
jeans - Dynamite ($29)
OTK socks - Ardène ($5)
boots - Thrifted Valu Village ($8)

I love these boots. They remind me of RCMP boots... very militant. Fitting for what I was studying!
And now for a study break, and off to make delicious strawberry crumble!


  1. Cute boots. I've been on hunt to find the perfect ones. Haven't found any yet.

  2. The socks peeking out look really good! Thanks for the comment!


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