Monday, November 2, 2009

My favorite holiday!

What a better way to start out than with the wonderousness that is halloween??

So the past few years I've taken to making my own costumes or using things from around the house. Case in point:
Last year I was a brunette Cyndi Lauper!
Don't mind the drunken look in my face, but isn't that top fabulous? That was thrifted from the Value Village for 6$, but the poof-skirt and flashy leggings were made by me! And winning best dressed wasn't so bad either!

This year I decided I wanted to be a ring leader, so i thrifted a long black coat and cut it into tails and resolved to line it with this awesome red.... and then i ruined it. So since I spent the last week in texas with my boyfriend, why not go with that theme?
So this year I was a saloon girl and have to concede that I was not creative at all and bought my costume :( but I have to admit, its still pretty darn cute!

This was post trick-or-treating and pre-halloween party so I'm kind of a mess, but I had a blast swishing my petticoat around and flipping my feathers! And yes, those are unicef boxes! Apparently they don't let small children do this anymore! Such a shame, I remember those little fluorescent boxes around my neck! and I still like to hear the jingle!

*sigh* and now i have to wait another year for it to come again.... i might just have to work that petticoat into my everyday wardrobe though!


  1. definitely really cute!! the saloon girl is adorable, but I love love love your look last year! You make a fantastic brunette cyndi lauper! so much fun.


  2. cute costumes! i love the brunette cindy lauper look :)


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