Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a short break on hump day :)

Yesterday was one of those crazy days that go-go-go and once you finally get home to kick up your feet and look at the clock its already 8 and the day's long gone. At the last minute we lost our audition space for the performance showcase we're hosting on campus next month, so that was just piled on top of the stress of an upcoming social movement presentation worth a whopping 30% and intermediate accounting midterm worth another 40%!

Thankfully I still managed to look cute through times of turbulence!
It was so pretty outside yesterday, and one of the first days you didn't need a heavy coat so i took the opportunity to snap some pics outdoors! Don't mind the fact that I look bare foot...

Cardigan - BCBGeneration
Green tee - F21
Skirt - BCBGeneration
Beads - Thrifted

I'm sure you'll notice the ridiculous amount of BCBG that will pop up in the next little while, but while visiting the boy's rents outside of Dallas a few weeks back I found the most wonderful outlet store in Grapevine Mills and went a little Max crazy... sorry! But who could honestly resist?

Today on the other hand seems a lot more low key... besides a 9am class this morning, I don't have much to do except try to clear up this whole audition space situation and head to the local high schools to recruit volunteers! So, what better to round up recruits than with a military style vest to show them I mean business?

Vest - F21
LS tee - F21
Gold Braided Belt - Thrifted
Jeans - Parasuco for Smart Set
Flats - Steve Madden

I clearly had some centering issues this morning, but I think you get the idea.
Alright, off to actually accomplish things!

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