Saturday, November 7, 2009

hey its just another saturday...

It's definitely a lazy Saturday afternoon around here. Assignments and projects are at the back of my mind and its time for mindless chores and catching up on blogs with a hot cup o' joe.

I can't say I was particularly exciting this week... way too much going on in terms of Circle K, school and the job I may or may not have when I get back to ottawa! lol. But I *did* manage to squeeze some time in to head to the Salvation Army down the street!

My first purchase was this silk alfred sung skirt:
Its so soft and light... definitely not a winter skirt, but for 3$ I couldn't let it get away. Maybe I'll shorten it and save it for the spring?

Then I found this:
Isn't it gorgeous? A 5$, emerald green, suede, tiered, pencil skirt from Danier. I'm completely in love. Sexy, yet classy and no nonsense... the only problem? slightly too big!! Do i try to alter the suede myself or take it home over christmas break and hope Gma can work her magic? Or do i totally cave and bring it to a tailor? Hmmm, I dont know if I can wait that long to wear it!

All I know is that its definitely time to start working more colour into my wardrobe! I went to put away laundry this morning and it was a giant sea of gray.
Kind of sad and dreary, isn't it? The most exciting thing on there are the clothespins! I promise! I'll work on it!

xoxo melrose


  1. ok, such great finds! that long skirt is gorgeous, and for only 3 bucks? win for sure. but I am really falling in love with the green suede one! adore those little layers, its so mod and fun. can't wait to see it in an outfit! and can't wait to see what you end up doing with the longer skirt.


  2. looks like u had a great haul! love that emerald skirt:) i think i may have a similar problem, except mine is a sea of black which is odd coz i actually love bright colors haha


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