Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stripes: Day 1

I had no idea that "super stripes week" would be taking place in the middle of a heat wave!
Let's just say that by 4pm yesterday, I was seriously regretting my outfit choice.

2012-03-19 001
cropped sweater - H&M (2009); dress - F21 (2011); necklace - Thrifted (???); boots - Spring (2012)

Don't forget to go visit the other ladies taking part and say "Hi!"


  1. Such a cute look! Love the cropped sweater, sorry it was too hot! It's sleeveless time here in the South.

    Also I'm totally loving your hair.

  2. so pretty! love this look xo


  3. Oh I am so upset I tuned into this challenge too late because i would have loved to join ...
    thats such a pretty skirt and OMGGGG pug sighting !


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