Monday, March 5, 2012


As promised (and to cleanse my conscience!), here are my purchases and additions since starting my Buried Treasures Closet Challenge back in November.

nov 11 - feb 12 purchases
Clockwise From Top-Left: Smart Set; Dynamite; Smart Set; American Eagle; Bluenotes; American Eagle; Spring; Bluenotes.

Total Spending: $134

So you might be thinking to yourself, "did she really need FOUR pairs of new pants?!" or, "did she buy THREE of the same sweater?!"

Not really, and yes. 
I think I've come to realize that by denying myself the pleasure of shopping and then being unleashed on a store, I lose all self control

I really need a better strategy.


  1. You got some really good deals! (even if you didn't need 4 pairs of pants!). I find I don't spend as much if I go into the stores with specific items in mind and ONLY buy those items. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Pretty great haul! I think the best thing you should consider - how many outfits can you make from these items alone, not to mention how many you can get with them mixed into your own closet. Permutations are freaking awesome, especially when they apply to clothing.

  3. Do me a favor.. when you find out a better strategy let me know! kinda have the same problem.
    btw my bf lives in curacao :) thanks for the lovely comment

  4. White blazer = crisp classic, never goes out of style!

  5. But everything is so adorable (and affordable) how could you say no? That's my shopping justification! ;) I love those boots- so sexy and the gifted blazer is beautiful!

  6. I can relate. Totally.
    It's like being on a diet and then you walk into Mc Donalds.


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