Friday, March 9, 2012

There Will Be No Encore!

I took these photos after work the other day and I guess the flash by the window alerted my neighbor to my activities... next thing I knew I had an audience.
Safe to say I won't be taking photos here after it gets dark anymore... 
I don't know how you ladies with your tripods in public areas do it! I got embarrassed in my own home!

2012-03-08 006
cardigan - Armani Exchange (2011); dress - F21 (2011); belt - Dynamite (2008); 
boots - Thrifted (2010)


  1. The cowboy boots are adorable! Also eep about the neighbors. I've always been lucky to find abandoned areas or time it where no one is outside.

  2. Agree with Megan, your boots areeee coool!<3

  3. Are those GREY cowboy boots? Amazing!! What I like about this outfit is you really notice each element, but without them competing with each other. As for your neighbour, I'd have swiftly closed those curtains!


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